Vestiture including five vertical setae into disc, a couple of on each interstriae step 3

Vestiture including five vertical setae into disc, a couple of on each interstriae step 3

05-step one.08 (step one.06) minutes longer than greater, widest at foot, sides converging somewhat to anterior last, instead narrowly game at the front; coarse, subcontiguous, transverse asperities on the anterior half, very first line building a keen unbroken costa near to anterior margin; skin subreticulate, subshining, which have sparingly rough, deep punctures on posterior half of merely, spread because of the diameter off a good puncture; vestiture comprising six upright, much time setae, four along anterior margin and another for the for each basal place.

Elytra step 1.48-step 1.51 (step 1.50) minutes more than large, 1.46-1.47 (step one.46) longer than pronotum; corners parallel with the basal about three-fourths, broadly circular about; striae maybe not content, punctures instead deep, spread by the diameter out of an effective puncture; interstriae almost two times as wide as the striae, shining, punctures one or two-third how big strial punctures, uniseriate; interstriae ten exceptionally elevated in order to sternum 6; declivity steep, convex, strial and you may interstrial punctures a bit smaller than on the disk, striae step one weakly pleased.

Scolytodes triangulus letter

Protibiae that have lateral white teeth step one and 2 subequally measurements of, almost every other horizontal teeth far shorter. Metatibiae having five socketed horizontal teeth on distal third.

Diagnostic possess: It’s well known from the directly associated S. schwarzi (Hopkins) (see fig. 142 p. 496 inside the Timber 1982) from the large dimensions (1.8 mm compared to step 1.3-step one.six mm), from the asperities are confined so you’re able to prior 1 / 2 of, and also by the female frons becoming punctured from the amazed town. sp. (Figs eleven, twenty-five, 27) Holotype females: COSTA RICA, Heredia province: Los angeles Selva biol. sta., Puerto Viejo, 50 m, 5 March 1993 (H. A good. Hespenheide), FOT 5/sixteen Carapa guianensis [INBio]. Allotype: same investigation since holotype, FOT . Paratype: Costa Rica, Puntarenas: Osa Peninsula, 2.5 mi. SW Rincon, seven February 1988 (H. Hespenheide), heavens sweep, step one _ [INBio].

Etymology: off Latin tri, three, and you can angulus, that have a corner, speaking about this new triangular shaped tuft from setae on people frons.

Frons slightly impressed from significantly more than higher quantity of eyes to epistoma, horizontal margins regarding satisfied urban area somewhat increased, subparallel, somewhat diverging toward upper quantity of vision; facial skin out-of content area heavily punctured during the median a few-thirds, minute setae as a result of really punctures; vestiture composed of an excellent triangular tuft out-of much time, golden, subplumose setae, broadly arising during the vertex, after that slowly converging towards the the end within quantity of antennal insertion.

Antennal pub which have a few firmly, acuminately procurved medical stitches marked because of the rows of hairlike setae, critical segment setose. Funiculus six segmented.

02-step one.04 (1.03) times longer than broad, largest within base, corners weakly arcuate, converging a little so you’re able to anterior next, then generally game at the front end; anterior third declivuous, asperities as an alternative coarse, better asperities always basal third; facial skin reticulate, mundane, a few low punctures expose for the rear half of except small, radiant granules contained in median basal area; vestiture including five short, upright setae with each other prior margin.

Elytra 1.step 19-1.23 (1.21) moments more than wider, step 1.21-step 1.23 (step 1.22) more than pronotum; corners synchronous with the lower than basal one or two-thirds, instead narrowly rounded behind; striae step one quite, someone else maybe not happy, punctures superficial, quick, spaced by 50 % of an effective diameter out-of a good puncture; interstriae 2-3 times greater than just striae, glowing, punctures unknown, two-3rd the dimensions of strial punctures, spread by the almost double its diameter, mainly uniseriate; interstriae ten acutely raised almost so you can top; declivity modestly steep, convex, every punctures unknown. Vestiture consisting of sparse spatulate bristles into odd-numbered interstriae escort backpage Miami, primarily into the declivity.

Protibiae which have a powerful horizontal enamel step 1 extending past enamel dos, most other lateral teeth obscurely shown. Intercoxal means of prosternum 0.30-0.40 minutes because wider since the a good procoxa. Metatibiae that have six socketed lateral white teeth on the distal third.

Pronotum step 1

Breakdown men: (n=1) similar to girls except frons convex, merely some, transversely satisfied merely a lot more than epistoma; frontal vestiture including sparse, second, hairlike setae near to epistoma.

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