About to try to join navy fcu

About to try to join navy fcu

Young credit age… four months average I think.. yes I know this is not good.. I started trying to build/ rebuild my credit about 7 months ago. I was under the impression that the more credit available, the better because of utilization I guess. Wish I was concerned about utilization only to the effect of the percentage and not trying to get more $ of total credit.. I did both but for the $ of total credit I applied for many cards.. most were soft pull only. I think I had about 3 hard pull in 3-4 months. Two I thought were going to be soft pulls. 1 more hard pull about 3 month’s before. So about 4 hard pull in 6-7 months. That in its self was not good.. but ad in the 4 soft pull store cards that are shit cards and I should never of applied for it is much worse. Those are all my mistakes I would call them. I have an ALL MasterCard, sunbit visa, apple MasterCard, gm MasterCard all in the last 1-3 months. Experian fico 8 is 709. My vantage 3.0s are 649-665. I have read about things that help navy federal internal score. I am hoping some of you can help me to maximize my navy internal score. I am planning on gardening. I feel it is VERY important, especially because of how many accounts I got in a short time. So here are some specific questions about the internal navy fcu score.

I have a car loan of 6,300 and had it for about 16 months

I hear the pledge loan helps with the internal score. I’m question if the pledge loan would help me or hurt me more. It would be a soft pull but it would be yet another account added to my far to many recent accounts already. So would the pledge loan help enough on internal score to be worth it for me? Or would it hurt me more because it would be 1 MORE account?

Back around the 7 month time period I also got a self loan, kickoff loan, OpenSky secured visa, chime credit builder and another “credit card” like a chime credit builder

I heard from 1 source that the flagship checking account ( I think that is what it is called). The one that has no fees if you keep $1500 in the checking account. If you go below $1500 it costs $10 a month for this checking account. I heard this specific checking account helps navy inter score more than the other checking accounts. Is this true?

3 I have even heard that having a nrewards secured card would help internal score. Is this true? For me with so many recent accounts already? Or would it being another account hurt me more than help me towards navy fcu internal score?

5. Without getting into the don’t cancel cards with out fees example.. my store cards I don’t use. I know it could affect utilization but I won’t let it. I will keep it 1-9%… most likely 1- 5%. Could this look like http://loan-on.com/payday-loans-la/ what it is and be a good thing. I made a mistake by applying for so many cards and I am canceling in used ones I don’t need. That could be seen as a good thing right? I would be lowering the amount of available credit… that would be less credit dollars that could compete with other cards/loan. There for couldn’t me canceling some unused cards look like a good thing? Thus more available credit available for better cards/ cli, to seem less risky?. Ty for the time and thoughts ????

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