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Bob has also testified numerous times for CSIS and has continued doing so since retiring.Bob has degrees in Political Science, International Affairs and Law. Within two business days of submitting your completed application, BCIT will send a message to your personal and myBCIT e-mail addresses. All correspondence regarding your application will be posted to your online myCommunication account at It’s important to watch for these e-mails or regularly check your account online. Jodi and Dre had been dating for a month when he left to take the job in Edmonton.

At Bellevue University, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Investigations degree online or on-campus. This program is designed for students interested in working as law enforcement officers specializing in crime scene investigations. Students learn how to collect, secure, and preserve physical evidence at crime scenes and become familiar with methods of investigation and forensic psychology. Students also learn a range of investigative skills that are applicable in the public and private security sectors.


Our team of surveillance investigators are experts with several decades of surveillance experience both in the public and private sectors. However, criminal investigators spend a great deal of time in the field. They might spend hours or even days at a time in a vehicle waiting for movement. They might spend their days driving to follow a vehicle or driving to see a scene or speak with individuals. They also may spend a great deal of their time interviewing witnesses or otherwise interacting with people.

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Private Investigators do have access to information outside the public eye, but not to sensitive government details or those pertaining to the CRA, disability, welfare, or otherwise. Regarding the services they offer, they should be comprehensive enough to cover all the essentials but not exhausting to read through. A PI who spreads themselves too thin is one who may be overworking themselves or rushing between clients to get as many files going as possible. If you need to track down an employee who ripped off your company, for instance, you’ll want fraud and location tracking investigative services. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions when meeting with one that interests you – in fact, we’ve outlined 10 that are crucial before committing to a particular PI.

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However, if the police know the identity of a person who can offer useful evidence at a trial, that person may be compelled to testify. It is part of the civic duty shared by all to preserve the peace and prevent crime. When a crime of any nature comes to the attention of the police, a constable will almost always be the first peace officer to respond. In the Candy majority of cases, the original constable attending the scene will conduct the entire investigation but will call in whatever specialized help is needed. For example, in all cases of break-and-entry, theft of all types and common and aggravated assaults, the original constable will lead the investigation, even though higher-ranking peace officers assist.

Tim Roufa wrote about criminology careers and has over 14 years of experience in law enforcement. Physical Evidence- also known as real evidence, is evidence that is in the form of a physical object, such as a firearm or fingerprints from a crime scene. This can be presented in court as a physical object, shown in an image or video, or also referred to in documents. During his classes, Bob encourages questions and class discussion in an effort to develop critical thinking skills .

Investigative Reports, 13%Authored federal criminal investigative reports, facility threat assessments, intelligence information reports, intelligence assessments, and protective detail reports. Reviewed and time stamped subpoenaed camera footage in preparation for trial and took pictures of all evidence obtained by law enforcement. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume.

This can commonly be confused as hacking into someones private accounts which private investigators cannot do. However, your organization does not need to face difficult situations alone. If you need expert private investigative services in Windsor, turn to the team of experts at The Smith Investigation Agency. Our team can help you minimize your risks and protect your assets through surveillance and investigative research services.

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Using investigative techniques, a PI may be able to uncover the subject’s phone number and phone carrier, and is fully within their legal rights to do so. Work with the Police – At times, private detectives are put on retainer to give a second opinion on a police case. For example, if police officers investigate a suspected burglary and report that no forced entry was found, private citizens can hire a licensed PI for an alternative opinion. In cases like these, private detectives work with law enforcement as ultimately, both parties are in search of the same end result, the truth. Some cases are more suited for private investigators than others.

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These reports must include course-by-course evaluations and GPA calculations. Prepare written and oral reports and various types of charts and graphs based on research, correlation and analysis of evidence. That day in June was the last time Jodi, Rosey, Andréa or Nikola have seen or heard anything about Vautour. They are still in touch with each other and with a community of people who allege that Vautour defrauded them. They would rather not think about what happened, but decided to share their stories in the hopes of drawing attention to what they see as an overlooked crime.