‘Dating Around’ Review: Is Netflix’s New Dating Show Worth Watching?

The show is aimed at young women and minorities, with a strong female protagonist. It premieres on june 12, and has received positive reviews from critics. Often representations of race on reality television are reduced to racist scandals. Both seasons consist of six bingeable episodes, in each of which a protagonist goes on five dates. The dates are seamlessly edited together in a way that almost feels like a short story. There are no talking-head interviews spelling out motivations; you just have to read faces and cues.

This cannot credibly be seen as an experiment in the field of love sciences, or whatever the Lacheys try to convince us it is. But as a trial run for a dating show that feels governed by human impulse and not by rigidity of format, it proves its hypothesis. The first season of Dating Around was extremely popular, with a recurring audience tuning in for every new episode. The second season of the show is a satire of the entertainment industry, with a satirical twist. While the film portrayed the sex life of many people, it also highlighted the problems of the entertainment industry. The series is also based on the concept of keep it simple, stupid, and it is an entertaining way to approach the dating world.

The choice to have her ogled by men as she goes shopping alone is a questionable one, but at least she seems to be enjoying a dating-free life. Watching these clipped-together, awkward blind dates can be interminable, with the small talk, the pauses, the over-drinking making you want to shut the TV off. Netflix’s choice for Episode 1, Luke, is a pretty safe one; he seems like a nice, vanilla guy. The almost aggressively low stakes are also the show’s one major weakness. Dating Around’s main tension is, essentially, “Which of these five people might get a second date?

Dating Around marks Netflix’s first foray into the reality dating show sub-genre. If you’re a fan of small talk and don’t find blind dates to be excruciatingly awkward, then Dating Around is a must-watch. On Friday, June 12, the second season of the pretty typical dating show will grace our screens. The series showcases a more traditional style of romance than, say, talking to a person through a wall and proceeding to get engaged without every seeing them.

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It’s no secret that Netflix is pushing to add more unscripted programming, and a reality series featuring real-life singles dating in New York city definitely fits the bill. No one ever said love was easy, but Dating Around aims to make it at least more convenient. Netflix’s low stakes, real world dating show sends singles on five first dates, and encourages them to land a single second date. First filmed in New York and New Orleans, the show is now headed to São Paulo, Brazil.

According to the Dating Around Brazil cast Instagrams, there will be six lead daters featured on the new season. The series stars Luke, a real estate broker, who struggles to match the energy of the women he meets. The episodes are often set in New York City, and the suitors are often of the New York type. The show’s cast is incredibly diverse, and the series’ characters are not all the same. Unfortunately, men behaving inappropriately within minutes of a first date is a reality many, many women face. “I have stories for days,” Amanda, a 25-year-old public relations manager, tells me before diving into a particularly horrifying account.

Dating Around – Netflix Season 2 Review

My favorite episode was probably the one featuring Deva, a Black musician from Hawaii, who is, as one friend puts it, really owning her sexuality and beauty and trying to find someone who won’t be intimidated by her. Perhaps most shockingly, the show isn’t centered around the kind of influencer-ready straight white daters of other franchises. The first season, set in New York, included daters ranging from their twenties up to their sixties, it featured queer people of color, and the white participants didn’t just date other white people. The same casting and production choices inform the current season, which is set in New Orleans.

They didn’t do interviews with the daters to help the audience “stay in the moment”. And since we had some burning questions about the show — such as, “Why were the lead daters wearing the same outfits on each date?” amongst others — we reached out to Dating Around’s Executive Producer, Chris Culvenor, for answers. Lately, we’ve been pretty consumed by Netflix’s https://hookupinsight.com/cheatingcougars-review new dating show, Dating Around, which follows several New Yorkers on five first dates in hopes that one leads to a second date. Brandon’s confidence and banter make his episode one of the least secondhand-embarrassment inducing of the season. Though from the looks of this cozy Instagram post from February with a new man, he may no longer be on the market.

With two notable exceptions, the daters are just people seeking a connection. The outliers — no surprise here — are two men who are rude to women. While Sarah quickly brushes off an asshole who makes a gross dick joke, it’s Gurki’s tense interaction with a bad man that Netflix has used as promo material for the show.

We Got Some Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Netflix’s “Dating Around” And We’re Willing To Share

(Though there was arguably more drama last season than in the current one.) There’s also no host. Instead, the show is set up to make viewers feel like we’re just eavesdropping on a date. If you didn’t tune in for Season 1, there are six episodes currently available for streaming on Netflix. Each installment is roughly a half-hour in length and follows six singles on their quest to find the one for them. Season 1 includes Luke, Gurki, Lex, Leonard, Sarah and Mila, but don’t expect anything beyond their blind dates as Season 1 didn’t include a reunion special like the platform’s other buzzy shows Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind. Dating Around season 2 provides the cringeworthy moments but at the same time, brings enjoyable chemistry.

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After awkward moments, open conversations, shameless flirting, and even some tears, Dating Around shows just how fun, and not so fun, first dates can be. You have to make it past episode one, though, which features your standard 27-year-old bro having dinner and drinks with five different women. It’s cringe-y and awkward—which may be the point—but things really pick up in episode two. That’s when we meet an Indian woman who shuts down her ignorant white male date. It’s a tense, necessary exchange that will hit home for anyone who’s experienced culture clash. In episode three, we watch a gay man attempt to find love; the conversations that emerge from that about coming out are heartfelt and fascinating.